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Stars Galore

A class given to you with the same spirit and energy of JoAnn's other classes. This 24" block features a medallion of the Virginia Star ringed by the Evening Star. Learn the many variables color opens up for the Virginia Star. Miniature Evening Stars are great for practicing accuracy. Speed cutting, special ironing techniques, use of scraps, and pivoting are covered. As always, color and design will be highlighted. This pattern was used for a quilt which hung at Paducah in 1996 and received an Honorable Mention.

Calenda, Pocketsch and Pinosa

This design workshop includes producing a design background; freeform leaf cutting and vein Insertion; Machine Hem Stitch Applique on Leaves; Fusing Stems and Machine Zigzag Applique; Flower Fusing Outline and Machine Zigzag Applique; Rick Rack Edging; and Background Leaf Quilt Edging.

Charposa and the Tripleberry

Workshop with Study in Wool Applique, Embroidery and Embellishments with Quilting in Background

Tumbling Blocks

An opportunity to learn about Color and Density Choices; Placement of Triangles snd Diamonds; Flexibility of Overall Size; 60 degree Ruler and/or Ruler Markings.  Great to use up Scraps

Waltzing Nine Patch

Overcome your fear of free-hand rotary cutting while you learn about weaving, fusing and raw-edge blocks.   Experiment with color and design.  Enjoy the border technique and piping finale.

Whimsical Triangles

Enjoy using the equilateral triangle while making triangles, split triangles, diamonds and split diamonds.  Color choice, usage and placement in your art piece will all be discussed.  Fussy cutting adds humor and individuality.  Fusible and machine applique scraps in the border complete the whimsy.

Bird in the Window

Objective in this workshop is learning about Focus Fabric Placement; Coordinated Fabrics; 12 Quilt Patterns; Designing of the Overall; Placement of Colors; Flexibility of Overall Size and Backart Planning for Leftovers.

Daisies on a Bad Hair Day

A great opportunity to design your 17" x 21" art piece showing your personal vase.  Fusible daisies are free-form cut with the rotary while the lilacs and leaves are free-form scissored. Learn techniques of machine zigzag applique, trapunto and embroidery. 

Geese In Formation

My Tropical Friends

Learn about Line, Composition, Color Choices, Repeating Patterns and Foundation Paper Piecing. Execute JoAnn's pattern as is or branch out on your own in any of the areas.  Size 36" x 36"

Flying Geese in a Brave New World

Learn fast and no-waste methods on the two patterns Flying Geese and Brave New World.  This workshop is designed to help you easily recognize patterns within patterns. Change and rearrange completed blocks on your design walls.  Great usage  of scraps.


Log Cabin

An old pattern yet ever new and wonderful is the Log Cabin. Thousands of quilts in a variety of colors and fabrics have been made over the years. In-depth color choices are discussed. Speed-cutting and sewing methods are demonstrated. A variety of uses for Log Cabin in a whole quilt or parts of a quilt are shown. "Planet Maze" is the name of the Log Cabin which has black background with tone-on-tone weavings.

Rectangular Clamshell Log Cabin

Overall design is planned with color or tone varieties. Precision in cutting and sewing are stressed. The Rectangular Clamshell pattern may be executed very effectively in navy and white Japanese design fabrics. A variety of colors such as red, yellow and blue in Country French is also stunning.

Mountain Sunsets

Narrow and wide strips are used to make this Log Cabin.  Selection and variety of color is discussed along with overall design planning.  Accuracy in cutting, pressing and sewing is encourage.


Choose the accent color (middle) of your asymmetrical block and add your scrap fabrics.  Sample table runner shows the black and white fabrics surrounded by solids in varying widths.  Reds could be the main choice with black/whites.   White could be surrounded by Aunt Grace fabrics.  Many varieties for your choice in this foundation pieced quilt or wall hanging.  


Log Cabin Variety

Card Trick            Zig Zag            Triangular

Three types of Log Cabins are explored in this day-long class. It’s great for working in tone-on-tones. The triangular Log Cabin portion is easier with plastic templates.

Planet Maze Log Cabin

The old and wonderful Log Cabin pattern is most interesting using tone-on-tone fabrics with a black background. An overall design of over-and-under gives lots of practice for the four types of Log Cabin blocks.


This beginning class has been well received wherever it has been taught. JoAnn has several ColorWash quilts and wall hangings completed. By using squares, learn how to read and see color and density and arrange the delicate shadings to produce an overall effect. Since Color and Design are her first enjoyment, you will benefit from the new way to look at possibilities in every fabric. It's a lively class and has always filled promptly.

ColorWash Fan

The object of the class is to learn to use and grade colorwash fabrics. The fans are made using the 9 degree circle wedge ruler. Various methods of applique for fans to background will be discussed. JoAnn has made a series of these fans which appear on a variety of backgrounds and borders. Embellishments, piping and quilting complete your art piece. Definitely a class to let your imagination go wild!  Taught with a complete kit (except for batting)  $65

ColorWash Star

ColorWash Star in this advanced class will continue your knowledge of the grading of multi-patterned fabrics. Diamonds form the star while the background radiates with a wide variety of swapped squares. The double colorwash border completes this beautiful piece.

Carousel of Flowers

This table runner or wall hanging of bright fabrics is enriched by a wonderful flower applique and quilted with special designs.  Size is 24"x86" executed with 60 degree ruler.  Pattern inspired by Judy Martin's blue and white bed quilt.

Graceful Flight


The challenge of drawing your personal curve, filling with Flying Geese and adding to a beautiful background is a great way to stretch and grow.  Here is the perfect place to use those dyed fabrics which were too precious to cut up.  Learn some tricks on how to blend corners and "bookend" corners.

Roses Around the Log Cabin

This small piece incorporates the age-old Log Cabin pattern in bright colors with artistic floral design.  Students get their appetite whetted for fusible applique with machine stitching and stabilizer use.  Space in the background provides the practice area for splendid machine quilting.  Three-hour workshop with precutting.


This exciting workshop stresses color while learning the technique of string piecing on foundation.  The asymmetrical block lends itself to many choices of overall design.  Learn the application of fused leaves to border your wall quilt.  The study of leaves with their colors gives you many ideas for quilting patterns.  By careful cutting, additional leaf echoes or "gifts" are an option for further quilt enhancements.


Become familiar with the equilateral triangle ruler (Sara Nephew Super 60) and make this gorgeous wall quilt.  Three-hour workshop

Hired Man's Four-Patch with Strippie Back

Would you like to take a simple pattern and explore a variety of settings? Hired Man's Four Patch is a great choice for delving into colors and designs. Speed cutting and sewing are demonstrated. See how easy it is to add other patterns randomly. Leftovers produce the Strippie Back.

Road to St. Louis (and Other Scenic Routes)

A great class for learning color, sharing fabrics and incorporating speed methods on cutting and piecing. You will be working with strips, subcuts and quarter square triangles set in alternate squares. A variety of border designs will be explored.  Other Scenic Routes include the math for half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, snowball, stars, applique each of which is a pattern in itself, or could fit alternately with others.    Sashings and Cornerstones diagrams are shown.

Stars and Geese


Tremendous opportunities are yours for designing an overall quilt when conquering these two patterns. Stars are in two sizes and easy to execute with plastic templates. The Flying Geese in four sizes make interesting stripes or fillers. Combine these in your choice of quilts for your bed or wall or any other size or shape

Midwest Farm Scene

This two-day class will bring out the artist in you. Working with a number of patterns for houses, farm buildings, trees and stars, you will be designing your own quilt with use of graph paper. Sharing fabrics in class yields greater variety to your art piece. speed cutting, chain sewing, fillers, paper piecing, machine applique and color are just a few of the ideas and techniques explored. There may be a slight additional fee in class for paper piecing supplies or plastic templates. You set your own limits in this class. The original Midwest Farm Scene was Best of Show at the Iowa State Fair, hung at Lancaster, toured Japan and was a winner of a Bernina 1260 from American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.



Back Art

A most interesting class offered this year for quilters. If you desire to make the back of your quilt as talked about as the front, this is the class for you. Progressing from plain to multi-colored to patterns, graph paper and more complicated patterns, you will learn how to expand your mind, use math, whittle away your fabric stashes, and finish out all your scraps and "learning" experiences. JoAnn has many "Back Arts" to share with you. Each quilter must bring one or two completed tops for the day so all can profit from the planning of the Back Art for them. No beginners in this class.


Class Size Maximum 24


JoAnn Belling

Phone/Fax 515 987 4912

email: tbelling@aol.com


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